Services to Private Equities

We help Private Equities interested in investing in the CDMO market to make better deal decisions by assessing Target’s full potentiality.

CDMO industry is a unique one with different characteristics from other industries and especially from Contract Givers (Pharma Companies).

Fuliginous Management’s expertise in the specific industry, helps investors forming a clear picture of Target’s current business projection, growth opportunities, challenges and risks as well as what needs to be done and how so as to capture the future perspective and even more importantly how much time it realistically takes for the specific Target to reach its full potential.

We have seen unrealistic business plans with aggressive timelines for exit and we know how to distinguish successful exit plans from disappointing ones that entrap investors for more time and deliver less benefit (or even loss) from what was initially planned.

In the CDMO industry there is no elevator leading to success. One needs to identify and take the appropriate staircase that leads to the desired outcome.

The better Private Equity investors are prepared for their exit, the more successful their deal will be.