European Small Molecules CDMOs Mapping

The European Pharmaceutical CDMOs mapping contains CDMOs (or companies which offer CDMO services to third parties) that focus on the production of pharmaceutical finished products and have the capability to produce commercial scale batches. As European CDMOs we define companies that have at least one site able to produce pharmaceutical dosage forms for commercial productions in Europe. So if for example there is a company with 4 sites, 2 of them in US, 1 in India and one in UK, this CDMO is included in the database.

Overall it includes more than 320 CMOs/CDMOs and 635 manufacturing sites globally out of which 538 are located in Europe. The overall number of European countries with manufacturing sites is 36 including Turkey and Israel

It also includes:

  • The number of manufacturing sites of each CDMO (excluding sites that do not manufacture finished dosage forms).
  • The location of the manufacturing sites.
  • 33 different manufacturing technologies.
  • If a CDMO offers Development services this is shown.
  • If a CDMO offers API Contract Manufacturing services this is shown.
  • If a CDMO has the capability to handle Beta lactams, this is shown.
  • It also contains information about the capability of the CDMOs to produce food supplements, cosmetics and VET products.

Biologics CDMOs Mapping

Apart from the fact that there are many different types of biologic products, at the moment there are not too many CDMOs able to manufacture drug substance and then produce a product, let alone that there are some CDMOs that don’t have commercial scale capabilities and some that do not have even filling capabilities (and if they have filling capabilities, not all of them can fill every type of primary packaging).

So, what we wanted to clarify for us and for our customers, is which CDMO is able to do what and up to what step. In this attempt we checked the profiles of more than 90 Bio CDMOs and we checked 11 different types of bio products as well as the main primary packaging (filling) options. Moreover, we mapped which CDMOs offer cell line development, which can offer commercial batches and which are FDA approved.

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