Most of the Pharma companies with mid-sized or large product portfolios, with or without their own manufacturing sites, cooperate with many suppliers, being CDMOs or other pharma companies that out license their products and keep the production for their customers in house.

As Pharma companies grow, they gradually introduce / acquire / in license products that are produced in different suppliers. Few years later, they come up with a product portfolio scattered to a big number of suppliers not necessarily selected by the Pharma company.

Our own research has shown that Pharma companies with more than 40 products in their portfolio, allocate to each supplier between 1-3 products.

The low number of products per supplier may limit the importance that the suppliers place to the Pharma company, increase difficulty and complexity in managing the supplier base and limit its the negotiation power.

How we can support you:

After assessing Customer’s overall External Manufacturing business by studying different parameters, like

  • Products and product technologies
  • Current CDMO spend
  • Outsourcing rational as well as Customer expectations and required services
  • Customer’s business targets and expected future evolution

and “thinking out of the box”, we deliver:

  • Suppliers’ Analysis
  • Benchmarking Levels
  • Benchmarking Outcome
  • Profitability Review
  • Product transfer business cases
  • Proposals going forward

Current outsourcing strategy and CDMO management approach is taken into consideration so as the proposed changes to have the maximum possible benefit with the minimum possible impact.